How to Block Annoying App and Event Invites in Facebook

Facebook has become very much annoying these days. Sometimes we get annoying, silly notifications like the game invitations, event invitations and other app requests. Among them the most irritating one is the game notifications which are of no use to a person who is not at all interested in gaming. The main source of these game notifications and invites is your friends who play these games.

The next kind of notification is the one from an event; an event is created and you may be invited to it by one of your friend and the notifications from it, will start to come, from the moment you respond to that notification.


These two will drive us mad if we are not related to it in any way or interested. The other one is the notifications due to one’s group updates, for example if you have friend who does marketing or promotions then most probably he’ll be posting something in groups and you will start getting updates.

Hence, the moment we log in to Facebook we gets irritated and so makes our rest of the surfing a boring one, in addition we may have turned on the email notifications too and so our mail inbox too will be full with all these daft Facebook notifications. Therefore, let’s see a way to get rid of these.

How to block Facebook invitations and unwanted notifications?

  • Go to the settings button of Facebook near to the “Home” and click on Privacy Settings. Before it, you must note the names of friends from who you receive those frustrating notifications.
  • Now click on the Blocking option, and you will see five kinds on blockings like – the Restricted list, Block users, Block app invites, Block event invites and Block apps.

The restricted list

If you add friends to your restricted list then they will only see the updates and data which you put public and moreover, Facebook won’t notify the friends who you add to the restricted list.

Block users

Adding people into this list will hide you from them completely. Your updates including the posts on timeline, tags, invitations, etc., will be hidden from them also they won’t be able to send you friend request or to start a chat with you.

Block app invites

Use this option to block app invites and requests from a specific friend.

Block Event invites

This option can be used to block event invites and requests from specific friends and all the future event requests from that friend will be blocked too.

Block Apps

Blocking an app will no longer allow that app to contact you or to access any non-public information about via Facebook.

So let me conclude with the hope that this tutorial gives you some peace of mind by helping you block the irritating apps and games notifications.