Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker for Your Portable Music Players

Bose is truly one of the best manufacturers of speakers. Recently, they released an innovative product i.e. a portable Bluetooth speaker. The Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker is the name of the device. From the name of the product, you can make out the devices with which you can use this powerful speaker.

These days all people listen to music on their portable music players such as smartphones, iPods, mp3 players, tablets and what not. To enjoy music, you simply connect the provided earphones and listen to the music present on your portable devices. However, you may not always want to listen to the songs through the earphones and you may want to use the external speaker on your portable player to enjoy music. To be frank, almost all portable players do not have impressive sound output through their external speaker and some devices do not even have an external speaker. Here is where Bose’s Soundlink Wireless speaker comes into play.


First of all, even though Bose claims it to be a portable speaker, it is large and heavy. Still you can manage to fit it in a backpack. It comes with a folding cover and when it is unfolded, it works like a stand. When you fold it, the device is turned off. Opening the cover does not turn on the speaker. Bose claims that the battery of the Soundlink Wireless speaker can last up to 8 hours when you listen to music at normal levels. In other words, if you play the music at high volume, it can last only for 4 hours.

The Soundlink Wireless speaker makes use of Bluetooth to connect to your Bluetooth enabled portable music players. Once connected, you can understand what it offers. It does not support AirPlay. When you pair a portable music player with the Soundlink wireless speaker, the pairing information is stored on the device. At a time, it can store information of 6 paired devices. When you connect a Bluetooth enabled music player that has been paired with the speaker previously, you will be able to establish connection within seconds whenever you connect the device again.

Even though the size of the speaker is small, the Soundlink does manage to deliver impressive audio output. If you compare it with any other wireless speaker such as Jawbone Jambox, the Soundlink Wireless speaker from Bose fairs much better. The device is available for around 300 USD.