Top 5 Dirt Bike Games to Play Free Online

Everybody likes to play simple dirt bike games although they don’t usually have high end graphics to attract the gamers’ community. Most of these games require skills rather than tactics and are very popular among people of all age groups. You can play these flash games online which requires no downloading or complicated installation procedures. All you need to do is visit a free arcade site, choose your favorite game and start playing. Here is our pick of top 5 dirt bike games that you can instantly play online.

TG Motocross 2


In TG Motocross 2, your opponent is none other than the racing track. You should be quick and snappy with your wheels as you move it on the challenging tracks. Your goal is to reach the finish line as quick as possible but the track is dangerous and it’s not that easy to make it to the end. The game needs good balance and controlling skills to win. You will have only 3 lives in every level; so make sure you don`t fall down and lose them because that would be the end of your journey.

Dirt Bike 4


Dirt bike 4 is an amazing dirt bike game with some of the coolest terrains you’ve ever seen on a game of its kind. You will have to keep your bike moving on top of under-construction buildings and heavy vehicles. This game features bigger bikes with bigger tires and obviously more power. Performing stunts is more challenging as you go further into the levels of the game.

Max Dirt Bike


Max dirt bike is simple on the graphics side but a tough game considering the challenging gameplay. The terrain is harder to beat and demands all your riding skills. You can easily score some bounty by performing cool bike stunts but be careful not to fall or your game will be over. You can control the bike with the four arrow keys on your keyboard. This game is best played with a gamepad or similar controlling device.

Dirt Bike 5


Dirt bike 5 is the 5th installment of the Dirt Bike game series that features improved life like graphics and well-designed characters. Each and every level will make you stronger and push your limits, giving you no other options but to be a better rider to survive the terrain. You can make the ride more entertaining with cool bike stunts while gaining some extra points. Just that you need to be extra careful or you know that’s the end of your joy ride.

Mini Dirt Bike


Mini dirt bike features a smaller or mini version of a mountain bike which means you can do insane stunts with it. The graphics in this game are too simple but again the amazing gameplay makes up for it. You can do flips while in the air to get bonus points but just be careful. You will have only three lives to prove your bike racing skills; so make sure they don’t get wasted. The more levels you complete and move up, the track gets tougher and more dangerous to ride; so better keep your heads up and ride.