Firefox 9: Faster JavaScript Performance and Mac OS X Lion Support

Consistently, Firefox has released many version updates in the recent past. The Firefox 9 brings to you a new feature called Type Interface that is meant to enhance JavaScript speed. It also provides support for Mac OS X Lion operation and enhanced HTML5 support.



The installation file of Firefox 9 is of 15MB. After installing this version, you will not be able use the previous version of Firefox installed on your system. Firefox 9 is also available for Mac and Linux users.

After Firefox 9 is installed, you can import the bookmarks from other web browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Setting up the browser after installation is simple and within a minute you can get started browsing on it.

Like Google Chrome, even Firefox has started the automatic search for updates. If an update is found, the update is downloaded and installed when the browser is started again.


The browser frame occupies less space and it contains few buttons. Enough space is provided for better viewing of the web pages. The address bar has been moved below the page tabs. An orange Firefox button located at the top left corner is what gives you access to menu and browser options and settings. On the right side, you can find the Home button and bookmark button.

The support for the most recent version of Apple’s OS, Mac OS X Lion lets the user make use of 2 or 3 fingers for swiping, moving apps, and navigating. The browser has got dedicated web address bar and search boxes unlike most browsers like Chrome that have a universal bar for searching and entering web URL. However, when you type any query in the address bar of Firefox 9, it will show you suggestions as you type.