Mitsubishi HC7800D Home Theatre Projector for Viewing 3D and HD Videos

Mitsubishi brings to you a new home theatre projector that supports 3D viewing. When it comes to checking the technical specifications of the HC7800D, the product gives you 1500 lumens and contrast ratio of 100,000:1. When you compare the specs with other home theatre projectors from different brands, you will notice that many are available with higher specs such as 2400 lumens and 300,000:1 contrast ratio. Even the zoom ratio of 1.5:1 is not competitive enough. So when it comes to comparing the specs, the HCD7800D loses out. Still, the HCD7800D does manage to rank itself as one of the top performing home theatre projectors out there. Read on to know why.


As compared to its competitors, the HCD7800D manages to deliver natural looking images with high details that you may not be able to see in others that are available in the same price range. If you are someone who prefers great quality from a home projector, you should consider buying HCD7800D. To get the best viewing, you need to ensure you have a completely dark room. Even with some ambient light on in the surrounding, HCD7800D with its 1500 lumens does manage to produce bright images.

While watching a video or movie, you need to select the Cinema preset on the HCD7800D for good viewing experience. When you watch 2D movies on it, you will simply love the color saturation and vibrancy of the colors. The 35 percent lens shift allows you to fit the HCD7800D on the ceiling and adjust the image slightly lower or higher on the wall.

One of the coolest features of this home theatre projector is that it supports 3D viewing. While you watch a 3D movie on it, you will realize that the images have good depth and there are no artifacts. Using the Mitsubishi 3D glasses that come with faster refresh rate, you can enjoy 3D videos without crosstalk. Even though the glasses are large sized and bulky, it does well in enabling impressive 3D viewing. The Mitsubishi HCD7800D home theatre projector also supports viewing 1080p HD videos.

Like other competitive projectors in the market, the HCD7800D is not laden with plenty of features. However, the picture quality that it delivers is what sets it apart from the rest. Priced at 2999 USD, the HCD7800D is a nice projector at that price.