Should You Migrate from Postini to Mimecast?

Unfortunately in business, some things that you have relied upon and used for years have to come to an end. If something such as Postini, which you have quietly used for years, moves to a different platform, as it actually did quite a long time back, you might not be comfortable with this.

It’s understandable. You have not chosen the new Google Apps platform yourself and this means you may find it difficult to ingratiate yourself with it. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do rather than simply sitting back and accepting Google’s migration.

What is Postini?

Postini, which started in 2007, was an email and web security and archiving service. It worked with the cloud and the main benefit was its spam filter and protection from internet attacks. It was predominantly used to protect your company’s emails.

It was a system that could be easily implemented into any company, small or large, and was recognized as easy to use and effective. Google, however, later on decided to end Google Postini and instead start a similar web security program from their Google Apps platform.

Reason for migration


Now that Postini has been moved to Google Apps, you might well be happy to stay, in which case the program has an internal migration system. You also might never have been quite happy with the service or just feel it is time for a change.

Fortunately, this does not have to be a very big undertaking, as there are some companies out there who offer a more advanced protection for your emails and internet than Google Apps does. Postini migration is something that you might want to consider if you want to seek an improved offering for your business.

Is it time to move company?

Other security systems, such as Mimecast, are available but it does not have to be difficult to migrate from one platform to another. If that is what is putting you off, then you may be interested to know that Mimecast has transferred many customers from Postini in the past, with support and all the tools you will require available from the company.

The process really couldn’t be easier. From contacting the company, you simply set up an account and they guide you through the rest of the process. Your emails could be flowing through Mimecast instead of Postini within hours. Not only is the process easy, but the service is backed up with the very latest cloud-based security.