Rosemount, IL Techy, Austin Alexander Burridge Shares 3 Reasons to Build a PC

Are you thinking about investing in a new gaming PC? Before you run out to Best Buy, consider this: Are you getting exactly what you want out of a store-bought computer? Are you sacrificing one spec for another just to save money? If so, you could benefit from building your own computer at home with only a little research and without ever having to step foot in a store.

Build a PC

Ever since taking the plunge into PC building as a teenager in his Illinois hometown of Rosemount, Austin Alexander Burridge has been obsessed with helping others achieve the same exhilaration.

Not only is building a PC by yourself more practical than buying a premade one, but it’s fun as well.

Here is Austin Alexander Burridge of Rosemount’s favorite reasons why building a PC should be in your future:

1. You won’t break the bank

Most of us operate on a budget of some kind, and that budget doesn’t always include a $1,200 gaming computer. Choosing to build your own means that, with some careful planning, you can enjoy gaming on a decent rig for less than $1,000.

Websites like Newegg,com, and even Amazon hold sales for components all the time that are borderline ridiculous in terms of affordability. Buying individual components instead of an entire PC is almost always cheaper in general, but if you keep your eye out for them, you’ll snag some deals that will save you even more money.

2. You get exactly what you want

Customization is one of the coolest parts of building your own PC, and that goes beyond getting to choose exactly which graphics card or CPU you want. Store-bought computers come loaded down with all kinds of unnecessary software that you’ll probably never use, so they’re just there to take up space and demand to be updated now and then. When you build a computer, you have the luxury of only installing programs you know you’ll use.

Also, no more sacrificing one spec for another. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a machine that has what you’re looking for in terms of disk space, but the graphic capabilities are lacking. Building a computer at home means everything is tailored to your needs, no questions asked.

3. You can upgrade components as you need to

As the gaming industry continues to grow and evolve, many new titles are becoming more graphically demanding than ever. If you want to enjoy those games, your PC is going to need to be able to keep up. You’ll eventually find that your graphics card isn’t cutting it, or your processor can’t handle the extra demand.

Sure, you can upgrade parts of a computer you bought at a store. But if you’ve already spent $2,000 on a high-end gaming rig, does it sound fun to sink more money into that when you need to start upgrading components? If you built your PC, you’ve already saved a bundle, so updating a part or two is no big deal.

About Austin Alexander Burridge of Rosemount:

Based in the midwest state of Illinois in the quaint town of Rosemount, Austin Alexander Burridge enjoys perfecting his skills as a freelance coder and reviewing the latest and greatest technology from around the world. As a self-taught coder in constant pursuit of digital knowledge, Austin has built a reputation as a resourceful and innovate problem-solver.