Samsung HMX-H300 Camcorder: Records HD Videos with Impressive Clarity

With the release of Samsung H200 in 2010, the Korean company hit high notes and since then it is trying to manufacture good quality and high performance camcorders. The H300 is the successor of the H200 model. The latter was introduced into the market at low price of 199USD; and at this price tag, you could take advantage of Full HD shooting and zoom at 20x. The successor model does not come with massive upgrade; however there are some important enhancements that they have done to the camcorder.

The Samsung H300 camcorder measures 56 x 49 x 119 mm. It is a very lightweight camera. The first thing you will notice about this camcorder is its solid built. It comes with a 2100mAh Samsung BP210R Li-Ion battery which is capable of producing decent battery life. It can last up to 3 hours.


It comes with a LCD screen that is capable of displaying 230,000 pixels. It is not the best in the business and hence it would have been better if they increased its resolution. When it comes to picture quality, the camcorder does well to impress you. Thanks to the Full HD support, you can shoot movies of 1080/60i and 720p impeccably. Also, the BSI (backside illumination) feature of the camcorder makes it possible to snap good quality photos and videos in dim lighting conditions.

One of the best features of the Samsung HMX-H300 is its ability to zoom. With 30x optical zoom onboard, you will really enjoy shooting on this camcorder. The camcorder sensor resolution is 5.1 megapixels and the effective video resolution is 1.75 megapixels. When you connect the camcorder to the PC for data transfer, since you are connecting to the USB slot, you can also charge the camcorder simultaneously. Apart from USB, you can also find connector slots like HDMI port and composite video and audio output. The SD card memory supports 32GB of memory.

The manual camera lens shutter that was found on H200 is still available on the successor model. In other words, when you turn on the camcorder, it won’t open the shutter automatically; you are required to flick a switch to do it manually. Another slight drawback of the camcorder is its audio recording capability. Even though it manages to record videos with good clarity, it is unable to pick up the audios effectively. The H300 is available for 200 USD which is good price considering the features it brings to you.