Some Basic Knowledge of Selecting Stepper Motor Power Supply

Some people may consider the stepper motor to be a bit more complex than a standard DC motor. This may be true to a degree; however stepper motors offer many more advantages compared to the DC motors. Some examples of these advantages include; easy control by computer, precise control of rotation, and high torque at low speeds.


The first thing you will need to do when choosing a stepper motor power supply is to add Stepper Motor Power Supply – Circuit Specialists up the voltage for your stepper motors. Determine the number of stepper motors in your system that has the same voltage requirements. Add their current ratings and this will help you determine which total current you will need. If you have four stepper motors and each needs ½ amp of current, your total needed current will be 2 amps.

Next you will need to examine the stepper motor specifications to determine the voltage rating. Choose a cnc power supply with a voltage at least double that voltage, and this will give you the voltage the power supply needs to run the stepper motors.

How to size stepper motor power supplies?

When sizing a power supply, keep the above points in mind and remember that the drive type and method of operation influence which power supply is most suitable. When sizing a power supply, ensure that enough power is available when needed — but remember that an overly large supply wastes power.

There’s additional reason to ensure that voltage is sufficiently high. As the motor draws more current, voltage in unregulated power supplies drops. This can degrade motor performance. In contrast, regulated power supplies provide stable voltage —are useful for applications with high-speed operation. In the end, specific power-supply types from different manufacturers require specific analysis for sizing. Refer to documentation and always contact the manufacturer with questions.

If you’re building a robot or another system using a stepper motor you’ll want to take a look at our selection of DC stepper motor power supplies. When searching for the right power supply, you’ll want to check the stepper motor’s specifications to find its voltage rating, and then multiply this number by ten. Your stepper motor will perform even better by using a power supply rated twenty times higher than the stepper motor’s voltage. If you want to buy stepper motor online or choose a suitable CNC power supply, you can visit our site for help at