Review: The Best URL Shortener

Everybody who uses the internet is able to know about the different ways with which one can make money off it. One of the most profitable and sought after methods include writing and publishing blogs that can be made into a good source of income. These blogs generally contain topics that are diverse and this makes for more viewers to a particular site. However, the trick lies in knowing how to harness money from the blogs so as to sustain and develop them.

There is no dearth of ways to make money off the net. Blogs, which have been mentioned to be very profitable, earn cash for their owners with every click of the mouse of a viewer. This means that bloggers can use their hobby to garner more money for their needs.

The most aware and alert blogger, who is constantly in search of methods to make money on the internet, will know about URL shorteners which can be used to shorten the length of any of the URL addresses and this makes it much easier for bloggers to get money with each hit or view on their site. as monetization tool for bloggers

Bloggers who use this facility to gain money are very smart about the different ways that are present. One of the best URL shorteners is, which can help bloggers use these shorteners to get money. Most of the URL shorteners on the internet just do the job and get it over with, but allows users to not only lessen the size of their blog URLs but at the same time they can make money with it.


It starts with registering on the site, a step that takes just a few minutes. Then, bloggers can shorten the name of their blogs and share them on online social media sites and the internet. With every click of the link, donates 20% of the income from the five second advertisement that appears on the viewer’s screen to the blogger.

This sort of method wherein users are able to get money off writing blogs and just sharing them not only helps monetarily but bloggers will also be able to generate more traffic onto their blogs and they can cater through this to a wider audience. is one of those applications that also allows users to utilize some of the tools that are present on the site. Bloggers can use some of the monetizing tools available to them.

Non-bloggers too can earn from it

Even for people who don’t generally blog or have a blog with which money can be automatically generated, allows them to earn money with their referral facilities. Users have to share the shortened link of their affiliated referral sites onto the media and money will be transferred to their accounts too depending on the number of clicks and traffic that they are able to get towards their side.

Mode of payment

Users can get paid with PayPal or Payoneer, which makes it easy for the money to be directly transferred into their accounts. This sort of flexibility makes one of the best.


Final Words

Most people use URL shorteners for sharing stuff online. Now has added the monetary dimension to it. You don’t have to do anything additional to start earning from the links you share. The pay rates on par with the best advertising networks out there and integration is just a cakewalk given the wide variety of tools it offers. It’s no doubt one of the most innovative and pioneering ways for individuals to make money online.