Sony FDA EV1S Electronic Viewfinder: Enables 100% Viewing on Sony Alpha NEX Models

Sony’s Alpha NEX-5N is a compact camera that is capable of delivering performance like that of a SLR camera. This digital camera has received raved ratings from popular review sites. The Sony FDA-EV1S electronic finder is an accessory that is mainly designed for the Alpha NEX-5N. To use the electronic viewfinder, all you need to do is connect it to the accessory port present on the Alpha NEX-5N. After connecting the electronic viewfinder, you can take advantage of eye-level framing.


The electronic viewfinder is mainly made for those ardent photographers who prefer using viewfinder instead of the LCD screen present at the rear of the camera for framing photos. When you have set the Alpha NEX-5N on a tripod at a low level from the ground, you can angle the viewfinder to 90 degrees for framing and taking the best photos.

With electronic viewfinder available to you now, you do not need to use the conventional LCD screen. The electronic viewfinder has an OLED screen that is capable of delivering crisper, sharper and brighter photos than the conventional LCD screen. Even when you hold the camera outside in bright sunlight, the ability it brings to hold the camera to your eye enables you to snap photos with great comfort and clarity.

When you are using the electronic viewfinder on the Sony Alpha NEX-5N camera, you will be able to see all the shooting information and settings of the camera through the display. A great difference you will notice while using the EVF is that it will allow you to see much more than what you see through the camera’s lens. With approximately 100% field coverage, you will surely be able to take the best of the snaps. The performance of the EVF is almost similar to the performance of the EVF that comes inbuilt with Sony NEX-7.

Other than Sony Alpha NEX-5N, the electronic finder is compatible with other Sony Alpha NEX digital cameras such as NEX-5ND, NEX-5NK and NEX-5NY that comes with Smart Accessory 2 Terminal. Since you will be connecting the EVF on to the accessory slot, you will not be able to connect a microphone or flash simultaneously. Attaching the electronic viewfinder only adds just 26g to the total weight of the camera. It measures 1.4 x 1.1 x 1.6 inches. Except from the NEX models mentioned above, you will not be able to use it on older models like NEX-C3.