3 Important Things to Upgrade in Your Computer

Regardless if you are a heavy computer user or a casual one, you still need to find ways to upgrade your computer and boost its performance. The thing is that after some time each computer will start showing signs of aging because more demands are placed on the system making it slower in its performance. Luckily, there are a few things you can do with a little investment and increase its functionality.

Increase the memory


Increasing its memory by upgrading the RAM – Random Access Memory. This is where the tasks you perform are stored and in order to handle more of them at the same time you will need to have the device running faster. This is where installing more RAMs becomes a necessity. It is important to check for the type of RAM to be compatible with your computer. This information will be found in the system settings where you will be indicating the DDR – Double Data Rate – that corresponds to your computer.

Upgrade the processor

Installing a new processor is another way to upgrade your computer and increase its performance. This may cost you a little bit more than it will cost in the previous situation but it needs to be of the right type, and at this point you may have to choose the one for your computer. Usually computers’ motherboards these days hold one of these types: AMD and Intel. It goes without saying that you should choose the type that is held by your motherboard.

The most common processors are of multiple-core type featuring a single silicon chip to host several cores. Now the number of these cores will depend on the requirements of the programs you make use of. The most common type for budget computers are dual-core processors because these ones are enough for basic tasks operated with any computer. However, for more complex tasks, such as playing games and those who use digital media to create various tasks will make use of a quad-core processor, if not bigger.

It is also important that once you choose the processor for upgrading your computer, you need to ensure that it has the fit within the socket type existing in your computer’s motherboard. The cache size is also important and with a bigger one your computer can operate through the processor directly from its cache and not from its RAMs.

Upgrade the video card

Video card upgrading is another method to upgrade your computer. Your machine is already equipped with video processing chips that are integrant part of the CPU. It is however important to mention that with the use of more flashy 3D visual effects, this function gets slower so you need to upgrade the video card to take off more tasks of your computer CPU and RAM. This may be a pretty costly investment depending however on the complexity and performance of the video card type.