Top 5 Online Payment Gateways

For an online business, it is very important to have online payment gateway on your e-commerce website in order to accept payments. It enables internet users to make payment on any online shopping website. Payment gateways usually connect the ‘buy’ page on an e-commerce site to the merchant account and the bank or credit card company securely. This safeguards the confidential payment details and personal information from the hackers.


Here we have listed down the top 5 online payment gateways that you can use on your e-commerce site:

1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment gateways in the world. With over 75 million PayPal users, it is one of the most preferred online payment gateways available. The PayPal Website Payment Standard facility lets your site visitors make payments through their credit cards while shopping on your site.

You can also have a PayPal shopping integrated on your site or add PayPal service to your existing shopping cart. You do not need to pay any monthly fee or installation fees. Through the PayPal Website Payments Pro feature, you will be able to make your customers remain on your site throughout the shopping and payment process.

2. Authorize

One of the most famous online payment gateways is the which can be used by the internet users to make online credit card payments securely. It allows various kinds of payment options such as well-known credit cards, electronic cheques, gift cards and so on.

To protect its users from fraudulent activities, it has got a very sophisticated fraud detection system. Whenever you face any problem, you can simply get in touch with them to avail customer support through phone, email and online chat.

3. 2Checkout

For purchasing digital products online, is also a very reliable online payment gateway. It is often considered as PayPal alternative. When users sign up with 2Checkout, they can receive a debit card that can be used for depositing funds and also for withdrawing money from the ATM.

You need to have a business website with products and services on sale to use 2Checkout’s payment gateway service. Payments can be done through popular credit credits and PayPal.

4. Google Checkout

Major chunk of internet users already have a Google account. Users can simply type their Google Account login details to use Google Checkout. That means users do not require creating new accounts for making payments.

When you have Google Checkout option available on your e-commerce site for the users, your site visitors will be able to see Google Checkout logo. Users can simply add items to the shopping that they wish to purchase and make the payment. It does not accept e-checks. Users can use their credit and debit cards to make payment.

5. Skrill (Moneybookers)

Considered being one of the most popular PayPal alternatives, Skrill (earlier known as Moneybookers) provides very secure online payment service to the consumers. Users can easily add funds and make withdrawals. For e-commerce, it presents many payment options that can be used in over 200 countries with lower fees.


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