Vapor-Lok: An Innovative Vape Mod Holder for Passenger Cars and Trucks

Jacob Ondra from the United States has designed a unique mod holder, capable of holding almost any type of e-cigarette in your car or truck. It makes it a lot easier for vapers to enjoy and protect their vaping devices while traveling in their personal vehicles. This is the first universal holder ever designed for passenger cars and trucks. It features a portable design and can hold different types of e-cigarettes and vape mods.

The Vapor-Lok – World’s Only Universal Vape Mod Holder project is currently in the funding stage on Indiegogo and is expected to go into production somewhere between December 2018 and March 2019. You can easily fit it in the window channel of your car and move it from one vehicle to another. It eliminates all the risks of mod damage, juice leakage, and several other issues associated with handling e-cigarettes while traveling.

Comprehensive Design

Although you can find some holders in the market, none of them are universal; neither do they fit different types of cars nor can they hold varying models of e-cigarettes. The patented Vapor-Lok e-cigarette holder is designed in the United States and is truly universal. It fits 98 percent of passenger cars and trucks on the road today and can hold 95 percent of vaping mods commercially available in the market. Be it vape pens, box mods, tube mods, or minis, Vapor-Lok can secure them all!

How to Use


Attaching Vapor-Lok to your vehicle is quite easy:

  1. Choose an appropriate bracket to fit your car door (A, B, C or D).
  2. Attach the mod holder in the bracket.
  3. Position the bracket tab according to your convenience.

That’s all! The mod holder is now all ready to keep your vaping device safe and secure and allow you easy access while driving. It’s so convenient that you can use it without having to take your eyes off the road.