Verbatim’s Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iDevices

Most of the devices made by Apple such as iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, etc. are Bluetooth enabled. The virtual keyboard present on them is very user-friendly. You can effortlessly create text messages and emails on them. However, not all people are comfortable in using onscreen keyboard. A physical keyboard always gives you the ease and comfort to type faster. For those of you who find it difficult to use onscreen keyboard to type fast, you can make use of the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard from Verbatim.


The Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a cool gadget that gives you the functionality of using a physical QWERTY keyboard on any Bluetooth enabled devices including iDevices. Some of the other devices that are compatible with Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard are Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook and tablet PCs that are Bluetooth enabled and have support for HD keyboard. When you purchase the keyboard, you will also get a carrying case, iPhone stand, and two AAA-sized batteries.

The best thing about the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is that it is very slim. It is so thin and compact that you can fold it and keep it in your bag or carrying case. So, when you are at a coffee shop and you want to send an email quickly, you can simply unfold the Bluetooth keyboard and establish a Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and the keyboard and start typing on the go. You can simultaneously use the Wireless Keyboard with many Bluetooth enabled devices. It allows you to pair with 6 devices simultaneously.

There are shortcut physical buttons on the Wireless Keyboard for Play, Pause, Stop, etc. that can be accessed by pressing the respective buttons. You can also increase or decrease the volume by making use of the volume controls. When you want to create a text on iPhone, you may want to hold your iPhone for better viewing while you use the Wireless Keyboard. Hence, the device comes with a detachable iPhone slide-stand which allows you to place your iPhone on the stand of the keyboard in such a way that you can easily create texts. When you are not using the slide, you push it inside the keyboard.

Lastly, the keys present on the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard from Verbatim are soft and quiet, and regardless of the size of your fingertips, you will be able to create texts with ease. Some of the other shortcut controls include, power off, brightness, cut, copy and paste.