Woof Washer 360: Dog Shower Ring Hose Attachment for Massaging Spray

Running after your dog to give it a bath is a nightmare for many dog lovers. But a New York based company, R&H Direct has come up with an interesting, innovative solution that will turn your experience into something you’d love to do every day… and if you forget it anytime, don’t be surprised if your pooch desperately asks for it.


Named as Woof Washer 360, this dog bath hoop cleans your pup with jets of water in less than a minute. The hoop has a handle attached to it to make it convenient for you. Shampoo and water thrust out of the holes in the main ring giving your poodle a massaging spray. You can fully control the water supply and its pressure to suit your rover.

How to Clean Your Dog with Woof Washer 360

No area of your dog’s body is hard to reach with this amazing washer. Moreover, it’s extremely easy to use:

  • Attach the woof washer to a garden hose.
  • Add a dog shampoo to the dispenser.
  • Slip the hoop over your pet and turn on the device.
  • In the suds mode, the shampoo and water mix instantly to create a sudsy solution to scrub and massage your pet.
  • Switch over to rinse mode to wash and clean your dog from head to toe in less than a minute.

Woof Washer 360 Size and Prices

This amazing dog washer comes in two sizes:

  • The small Woof Washer is 40 inches in circumference and is suitable for dogs up to 25 pounds. It is priced at $19.99. Shipping and handling charges of $7.99 is extra.
  • The large Woof Washer is 49 inches in circumference and is suitable for dogs over 25 pounds. It is priced at $29.99. Shipping and handling charges are same, i.e. $7.99.

The product currently ships only to the US but more parts of the world are likely to be added soon.

Woof Washer 360 comes with a 5-year money-back guarantee.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions About Woof Washer 360

Given below are some doubts and queries you might have in mind. We have tried to answer most of them:

1. Will the spray be too harsh for your pet?

The spray from Woof Washer 360 is mild and gentle, and most dogs love it. However, since the pressure tolerance for each dog is different, you will have to adjust the pressure to the preference of your pet.

2. How do you get the ring around your dog’s torso?

Just slip the hoop from the dog’s head first and then help your pet to get its front legs through the hoop.

3. Should you remove the handle from the hoop while keeping the washer?

It’s NOT recommended to detach the handle once you have attached it to the hoop.

4. Can you use it to clean other animals than dog?

Though the washer is specifically designed for cleaning dogs, you can use it for animals as well provided the hoop finds around the animal.

5. Can the woof washer be used in a bathtub or shower?

Yes, you can attach the hose to an indoor faucet using a suitable device; there are many of such connecting tools available in the market.

6. Where can I buy Woof Washer 360?

You can buy Woof Washer 360 from Amazon here