Consolidating Your Free Cloud Storage

If you’re one of those people that can never pass up the opportunity for free stuff, then it’s likely that you’re swimming in gigabytes of cloud storage space. Nearly every major provider offers a free basic plan, whether its the 8gb from DropBox, Google Drive’s 5gb, a whopping 20gb from Amazon Cloud Drive, 7gb from Microsoft, or Box’s huge 50gb in celebration of its iOS app – you’ll never need to buy storage again.

But with multiple providers, some with device limitations, how can you consolidate and manage all of this cloud storage?

With apps of course.


One such service is OTIXO which allows you to manage 29 of the leading Cloud Storage providers from one simple interface. The app is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows operating systems.

Features include the ability to search for files between all of your different cloud drives, and more importantly, copy and move files between each service as well.

If you view and make changes to your files locally and save them to the Otixo app, they will also update seamlessly with the corresponding cloud provider.

The same can also be achieved with primadesk, though they take things a step further. They don’t just manage cloud storage but your entire “internet life”.

Functionally this means you can also operate your social media profiles and email accounts through the same service.

The benefits of these two applications are endless. Now there’s no need for constant logging in and logging out, and switching between apps and programs. It also means you’ll never have to fork our for a monthly cloud storage plan, because you can use free accounts from multiple providers and manage them from within a single interface.

You still however might be stumped about which files to store on which Cloud Drive. A good technique is to use one provider for work related documents or active projects, another for movie and video files (perhaps Box because they offer the most space), another for photos and music, and perhaps a fourth for smartphone backups.

If you do your homework certain providers are much better at handling certain files. For example Amazon’s Cloud Drive can stream your music files through the web or Android and iOS devices. Google Drive features a range of office style tools for word processing and document editing.

If you’ve been considering getting a premium Cloud Storage subscription, consider the above options before taking the plunge.