E-Cigarettes: Best Way to Quit Smoking

Every person who smokes cigarettes makes a strong resolution to quit smoking several times in his life, but most of the attempts to quit smoking ends on a futile note. Quitting smoking cigarettes is not at all an easy task for a person, who is addicted to it for a long time.

You may have made numerous promises to yourself to quit your habit but never succeeded to give up smoking permanently. You may find it very hard to refrain yourself from stopping yourself from smoking cigarettes for couple of hours or few days. However, after some time you won’t be able to resist the cravings and start smoking again.


If your previous attempts to quit cigarette was unsuccessful, you can get rid of cigarettes from your life for good through electronic cigarettes (aka e-cigarettes). If you are on search for a good electric cigarette, you will find numerous companies selling electric cigarettes over the internet. Here are some of the features of e-cigarettes that will help you understand how smoking an e-cig helps you quit the addiction:

1. Tastes like a regular cigarette

When you smoke an e-cig, you can get the same pleasure you expect from a regular cigarette; but you will be bewildered to hear that it doesn’t contain any tobacco or tar, and neither does it leave any smoke or ash. In spite of all this, it delivers you the nicotine dose that you crave for in regular cigarettes. So, you can enjoy an e-cig without causing any harm to your health.

2. Can be smoked anywhere

A very nice advantage about e-cigarette is that you can smoke it anywhere. You don’t have to find a smoking zone to smoke this cigarette. If you smoke it in public places, people will no more look at you with a nasty face like they do when you smoke a regular cigarette. You don’t have to bear the brunt of negative comments from your non-smoking friends and family members.

3. Charges itself inside the pack

Another feature of good thing about electric cigarette is that, it charges itself at the time when it is inside its box; so you don’t have to bother about charging it at the time of smoking. Some e-cigs come with USB cable so you that can charge it anywhere on the go.

4. Looks like a regular cigarette

The other thing you will like the most about it is that it also looks like a genuine cigarette. It comes in white or black colors that look very much similar to an actual cigarette.

5. Available in different flavors

It is also available in various flavors; so that you can enjoy the flavor you like the most. For example, the coffee flavor gives the feeling of having a cup of coffee while smoking.

6. Cheaper than regular cigarette

E-cigs are more than 90% cheaper than the traditional cigarettes.

So rather than preferring the regular cigarettes and losing both money and health, think about switch to e-cigarettes, and experience the difference.

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