FamilyMatch: Bringing Compatible Families Together

FamilyMatch is currently the world’s best matching service. It is helpful for entire families to enhance their family social life and well-being. The main focus is on providing parents the way to match both their children and themselves with other children and parents in their area. This will help to develop a strong bond and community relationship with each other.


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This service is best designed for those who are single, coupled parents or along with many children. But the age of the children must be between 1-13 years. This is also for those families who wish to socialize with other reasonable and suitable families. This prototype site has been planned to be completed in sixty days after its kickstarter campaign ends. It will go for beta testing after this.

FamilyMatch is best for

  • Kids in private schools
  • Urban or rural areas
  • Home school children
  • Millennial or middle-aged families
  • Those families who are looking for diversity
  • Families interested in other like-minded families
  • Families that are moving to new cities
  • Frequent traveling or military families

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the best services on and off the web, for matching up the entire families with others who would not have met otherwise. The prime purpose of doing this is to help in building stronger community relations for children and adults alike.

FamilyMatch helps in to solve problems like

Whenever in life there is a chance to meet new families and build relations with them it is not so easy because sometime kids would not gel and sometimes adults will face this issue. Then it is for sure neither kids nor adults will be looking to match with those families. If we have to choose a family compatible for us from a large number of families this app will do this for you.

FamilyMatch Benefits

There can be lots of benefits like:

  • Helps to meet with new families
  • Creating family friendships
  • Schedule playdates
  • You can share mom hacks and parenting tips with one another
  • Helps you to expand your network beyond the neighborhood
  • Learn new ideas about family outing
  • Share the latest neighborhood news
  • You can travel together
  • This is an alternative to technology and isolation
  • You can share a museum, theme park and entertainment passes.

Technology has changed dramatically. Now kids are more attached to gaming devices and friends while parents are more attaches to their Jobs. Due to this reason, we are forced to build such an app to build healthier relations among families and other families as well.

How FamilyMatch works?

There are four basic steps then you can make the best use of it.

  1. Create a profile
  2. Look for values and characteristics matching surveys
  3. FamilyMatch patented algorithm starts to work
  4. Search for matching families and starts planning family events and gatherings.

A profile will contain basic questions. And your provided information shall not be disclosed. Then surveys will be conducted according to your demand. And then you can find out the best family match from available options. Then you can start planning events and starts gatherings.

So we can conclude that if you are looking to build families and a stronger community than FamilyMatch is the best choice to do that. Buy your app and explore the best options. So recommend all of you to buy this app and move into a new life which will be much better for you and your kids.