World’s First Fully Automatic Roti Maker for Home Use

Automation has always helped mankind save time and energy and make their lives better. Rotimatic, a fully automatic roti maker for home is the latest innovation to hit the market. Though semi automatic roti making machines have been around for quite some time, it had been hitherto considered almost impossible to fully automate the roti making process. Further, the machines available so far are more suitable for mass production of rotis rather than for home use.

Currently available models in India:

Here is what a semi-automatic roti making machine would look like:

Rotimatic has successfully broken this barrier through its innovative and compact design. All you need to do is supply the machine with dry flour and collect the output in the form of soft, tasty rotis. The invention is huge and the first batch of commercial production is slated to come out in December 2013. It is obvious that people who have less time to spend on cooking will find this fully automatic roti making machine a boon from technology. It simply lets you relax while it bakes rotis with the given parameters. The appliance can make one roti in a minute.


Despite being the first of its kind in the world, it has a very easy to use design and controls. It has three ergonomically designed, beautiful jars for filling with water, flour and oil respectively. The device has a box rectangular body and the curved edges make its handling easier. The control buttons are touch sensitive and there are no physical buttons on the panel. The machine has a strong built body and does not get scratches easily.

The jars are transparent and let you see the level of each item in real time. It has two chambers with one for the chapattis to roll out and the other one for taking out the moving parts for cleaning. One of the finest mechanisms of the machine is that it can sense the flour and weigh even the smallest portion of water and flour. The machine has a very different type of manufacturing process and it is made up of both metal and plastic.

Fully automatic roti maker in action:

To get your roti ready in one minute time, all you have to do is fill the jars with water, flour and oil. There is a display to show the parameters entered. You can select the thickness, softness and quantity of oil to be used for making your roti. Next part is to instruct the number of rotis to be made. It can easily make 20 chapattis before needing a refill. Everything else from mixing the ingredients, rolling the dough, flattening the roti and puffing it up will be taken care of by the machine, automatically. The machine does all these tasks with very less noise. Its operation is quiet and smooth.

The cleaning of moving parts is just as easy as washing a tumbler and it can be removed from the machine with ease. Rotomatic roti-maker supports most of the leading brands of flour and it is designed to work with different flour types without any hassle.

The price of the machine is not yet publicly disclosed by the company though the booking for the first batch of the product has already started, and is likely to be shipped by the end of this year. We can certainly hope for revolution in Indian kitchens as the innovation is certainly a giant one.


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