Get ten instant vitals – remotely – with Vmed!

It’s an inconvenience to carry vital instruments on your daily outings or have them all handy, all the time. Now, just about anybody anywhere can have all their vital instruments in one place – on a smartphone. No need to sit in a waiting room! Monitor ten vitals in less than a minute by downloading Vmed to your phone.

vmed health monitoring smartphone case

Manage critical health conditions and help prevent complications with Vmed, which stores weeks to years of vital data and enables remote sharing with healthcare professionals.

Vmed is available via the Apple Store and Google Play Store and now has a live Indiegogo campaign offering limited time early bird perks here

While out and about during the day, Vmeds gives users the opportunity to quickly monitor their health and wellness. Removing the need to go to the doctor, users can easily view their signs and have an accurate telemedicine option. When signs show an issue, users will know to go to the doctor. The check and record system is very effortless and reliable. It is that simple.

Using Vmed makes it easy to keep track of vitals and keep your doctor posted! Vmed reads vitals remotely and instantly. Monitor ten (not just three) vitals in less than a minute, from any location.

Unlike other bracelets, watches, apps, the Vmed device is inexpensive and highly accurate as well as, in under one minute, can take ten vital measurements including:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Heart rate
  3. Temperature
  4. HE Variability
  5. Blood Oxygen
  6. Electrocardiogram
  7. Breathing Rate
  8. BR Variability
  9. Stress
  10. Fatigue

Almost everyone uses a smartphone. Vmed will work on a smartphone to monitor and provide health data for weeks, months, or years. Send information to your health practitioner and possibly prevent future health issue complications. 

I would love to tell you more about the professional and talented team behind this innovative project and share more information about Vmed with you! Please check out their campaign page here.

In a time when wellbeing is spiraling downward and doctors’ offices seem more forbidding than ever, it’s important to keep track of vitals every day, any time of day. Vitals are monitored by simply using Vmed on your smartphone. Capture ten vitals in less than a minute! Prevent heart attacks and strokes with the stress-free monitoring that’s always tagging along. Store your data for weeks, months, and even years, in order to share with healthcare providers.

Visit the Vmed Indiegogo Campaign Page