How to Root Micromax Canvas HD A116i

Micromax has a market of its own. It manufactures phone for almost all level of people. Their phones are sleek and high in design but low in price. Therefore people from the low income group who wanted to go for stylish looking phone can easily go for a Micromax phone. With Canvas HD A116i, they are trying to give the big names in the market a run for their money. They have included all the features that you generally find in Android phones; yet it comes at a pocket friendly price.

Micromax Canvas HD A116i specs in brief


The Micromax Canvas HD A116i comes with a 5 inch touch screen. It has 1.2 GHz Cortex A7 quad core processor and 1 GB of RAM, and is available in black and white. Like most other Micromax phones, its main concern is the battery life. It tends to die out soon, you cannot use it extensively. You have to charge it every day and then only it will go for the whole day in the beginning but after few months the performance of the battery starts dropping. But when it comes to other features it has been able to keep up to the standards its other Android counterparts.

Before you start rooting your Micromax HD A116i

It is advisable that you root your phone once you are done with your warranty period because if you are rooting your device during the warranty period then you won’t be able to avail the warranty services. But there is a way around, you can unroot the device first and then go to the authorized service center and avail the warranty. But if you want to avoid all these complications of rooting and then unrooting, it is better you wait till the warranty period is over.

Don’t forget to take the following precautions before you start rooting:

  • Take the back up of your phone
  • Turn off all the security applications
  • Fully charge the battery so that it doesn’t die out while carrying out the process
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Keep the USB cable handy

Here’s how to root a Micromax HD A116i phone

Once you’ve taken the above precautions, you can proceed to root your device. The steps involved are given below:

  • First, download the root files of the device and extract them on your PC
  • Now copy the files in your phone memory using the computer
  • Disconnect it from the computer and then turn off the phone
  • Press all the volume up and down keys and the power button, all together until you see the text coming on the screen
  • The text will ask you to choose from recovery mode and factory mode, and the option of pressing the volume key will also be given
  • If you want to go with the recovery mode then you have to press the volume up key as mentioned on the screen
  • Here, in order to go up and down, you have to use the volume up and down keys and if you want to make selection then do it with the power key
  • So, now you have to move down to install zip from card and select the option
  • You will get the option to choose zip from SD card under the option Apply Update from .zip file on SD card
  • You will find Superuser 3.1.3 at the bottom in the choose zip to apply option, select Superuser
  • Now you will have to confirm the installation and on the screen you will find yes- install Superuser 3.1.3, select that option
  • Follow the same instructions to install the Su bin 3.1.1 file just like Superuser
  • Now when you have both of them installed, go ahead and select reboot system now
  • When your phone has reboot look for SuperSU icon, if it is there then it means that you have been successful in rooting the device.

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