How to Keep Your Business Computer Safe from Hackers

One of the many challenges that small business owners are facing is to keep hackers out of their computer systems. Hackers are targeting small businesses because they know that small businesses are not as secure as there bigger counterparts. They are an easy target and hackers love easy targets. Don’t let your business be an easy target.

Stop viruses before they start

Your small business is not immune to the threat of viruses. The best way to protect your business computer systems is to ensure that every single computer is running some sort of Business Antivirus software. This should be your number one priority.

It all starts with one email


In order to make things easier around the office, it is pretty common for workers to send files to one another throughout the day. These files may even be part of a work project. All it takes is one rogue email with a virus attached to infect every computer in the office. Opening email attachments in a work environment is not always the best idea.

Firewalls are your friend

Sometimes all it takes is one simple firewall to prevent any potential problems from ever occurring. A firewall will be able to keep the hackers from sneaking in any “back doors” that may have been left open by computer software. Most operating systems use a firewall by default, but if you know that your business computers are not currently using a firewall, then you are giving hackers an open invitation.

Hire a pro

If you want to make sure that all of your computers are locked down tight, then you may need to hire a security consultant to come in and make sure that all of your computers are secure. This is one service that will pay for itself in no time at all.

Running a small business is hard work. You don’t always have the free time to handle everything. These 4 tips will keep your business computers safe from hackers.