Magnetykes: An Award Winning Magnet Toy

Magnetykes an award winning magnet toy with comic book

Remember the days when you used to be fascinated by invisible force of magnets as a kid? It’s but natural to forget that childhood charm as we grow up into adults. However, you would be depriving your kids a great source of learning and entertainment if you don’t get them magnets to play with. Magnetykes brings back the magic of magnets in the form of a toy. They introduce your kids to the amazing world of magnetism in an innovative new way.

What Are Magnetykes?

Magnetykes an Award Winning Magnet Toy

The name Magnetykes is a combination of the words Magnetite (the most magnetic natural mineral) and tyke (meaning a small child). Magnetykes are robot-like toys that use the power of magnetism to entertain your kids. Each Magnetykes character has legs, head, and arms. They come with a unique magnetic vehicle and a unique background story in the form of a comic book.

Magnetykes Magnet Toy

Each Magnetykes set has a magnetic plastic figure with its own unique four-wheeled vehicle and a magnetic wrench. The wrench is used to launch the vehicle, catch it, spin it, and pick it up. You also get a rectangular metal sheet with each set for safely hanging the Magnetykes on the wall when they are not in use. The accompanying comic book tells your kids the story of the specific Magnetykes character, adding fun and action to the play.

There are currently 3 different Magnetyke characters kids can collect: Cobalt, Lodestone, and Magnesia. Each of these characters comes in an attractive packaging, increasing the excitement and curiosity in the kid as to what’s inside.

How Are Magnetykes Different From Regular Magnet Toys?

Magnetykes are not your ordinary magnets. They are 10 times stronger than those ceramic magnet toys commonly available on the market. The magnets inside the toys are placed during the molding stage. So, there is no question of magnets coming out or getting loose with normal wear and tear of the toys.

Moreover, Magnetykes are completely powered by magnets and do not require any batteries to function. They thus run on green energy without leaving any carbon footprint. Once you buy Magnetykes, your kids get the fun magnetic force for a lifetime.

Learning Benefits

Magnetykes make a great toy for 4-year and above kids, especially the ones who haven’t witnessed the wonderful world of magnetism yet. They keep your kids occupied while offering them real educational benefits, without requiring them to stare at a screen. They make childhood what it’s supposed to be – the time to make amazing discoveries without engaging with any digital gadgetry.

Magnetykes stir the imagination of your kids and teach them the basic principles of magnets. Along with the entertaining side of characters, the comic book also imparts knowledge about magnets and the history associated with the characters’ names. As your kids repeatedly execute certain movements in a given sequence, they develop coordination skills. The names of the toy characters are based on real dictionary words in order to improve the language skills of your children. For example, Cobalt is a naturally occurring magnetic element, Lodestone is a piece of magnetite, and Magnesia is a region in Greece where lodestones were found.

Scott Adams has been working on Magnetykes for over 4 years now and wants to see these toys in the hands of kids the world over. Magnetykes have already won a number of awards, including Mom’s Choice Award, Dr. Toy Award, and Creative Child Award, among others. Parents from anywhere in the world can book these toys. Book yours here!