Neal Kwatra Discusses Five Ways Political Campaigns Can Speak to Voters Online

Whether you are running for the US Senate or your local city council, it is vital to communicate with your constituents online. Most people spend several hours each day on their smartphones, tablets, and computers; it just makes sense to talk to them where they already are.

Here, we share the following tips to help you successfully reach voters online:

Neal Kwatra

Make a socio-political diagnostic on social media

The campaign should conduct a field investigation that answers the following questions:

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents?
  2. What are voters concerned about?
  3. What hot-button issues are people talking about this election cycle?

For example, on Facebook, groups that discuss politics and the news can be freely accessed. Similarly, Twitter creates daily ‘threads’ of discussion generated by organizations and important influencers, which provide relevant information about voter preferences. Another great tool to engage voters and gather data is social media surveys.

Create an interactive electoral program

You can generate interest in new political ideas or government programs through interactive formats, such as tutorial videos and informative images on social media. It gets people involved with your campaign and makes them more willing to share your information with other voters.

Build a digital campaign

Once you have built a following on social media, you can use your sites to persuade your followers and promote issues you want to solve. This will help you gain more supporters who are specifically interested in that issue.

Once you’ve gained supporters, the next step is to contact them with relevant and updated information to keep them engaged.

Integrate traditional media with the digital world

You can increase the influence of traditional media by leveraging the reach of social media. For example, you could post interviews and articles from radio or TV shows on social networks to engage the digital audience too. Or, you can link live TV to a live streaming platform like Facebook Live or Go Live Twitter. Another method is to add authors’ social media links and email addresses to the end of every article on traditional media.

Reach more people through smartphones

A good way to reach a younger audience is through smartphone apps. “Connect your audience to updated campaign information and they will feel like members of your team, which means they’ll share your message with others in their peer group,” stated Neal Kwatra, founder and CEO of Metropolitan Public Strategies.

To Conclude

The internet can be an excellent way to communicate with voters who may be interested in learning more about your platform. By following this advice, you will be able to reach them in an effective and efficient way.