Nikon Coolpix AW100 : High Performance, Shockproof, and Waterproof Compact Camera

In the year 2011, many leading companies released high performance compact sized cameras such as Panasonic TS3 and Sony TX10. Even Nikon managed to release a competitor photo capturing gadget, the Nikon CoolPix AW100. The first look at the AW100 will make you understand that it is a rugged shockproof digital camera. In fact, it is Nikon’s first attempt at launching a rugged camera. AW stands for All Weather, and through it, Nikon is making it very clear to all its competitor that even they can manufacture highly rugged and durable cameras.


When it comes to testing the shockproof feature of the Nikon AW100, the camera was able to pass many kinds of tests. Whether you drop the AW100 into 10 meters deep water or let it fall from a height of 5 feet or freeze the camera at minus 10 degree Celsius, no damage whatsoever will be done to the AW100. The build quality is quite good. The rubber padding that it comes with does not increase its weight and hence the camera is not at all bulky. It weighs only 178g.

Most compact digital cameras appear to be chunky as the manufacturers try to pack in many features. However, the AW100 is quite slim, and compared to other tough cameras available in the market, it surely does manage to impress more than the rest. It is available in different colors namely, black, blue, orange and camouflage. Since it is supposed to be a compact camera, you won’t find a large sized lens on it. In fact, the lens is located at the top right corner of the camera at the front. Also, you can find the AF assist and LED flash at the front.

At the rear, there is a 3 inch high resolution LCD display screen. On the right side of the LCD screen, you can see the camera controls. There is also a GPS antenna placed at the top side of the camera control panel. There are a few connectivity features onboard such as USB port and mini HDMI port located at the bay. There is a knob provided at the bay to fasten it, so that water does not get inside it. Only when you turn the knob, you can open the bay.

The Nikon AW100 has a 5x optical zoom along with the vibration reduction capability that minimizes the jerks and blurriness while snapping photos and videos. The AW100 can record 1080p videos at 30 fps. It even manages to take decent photos in low lighting conditions. If you are looking for a highly durable digital camera, the Nikon AW100 is surely a good choice.