PureVPN Rebukes Claims that it is Vulnerable to DNS Hijacking

PureVPN is a Hong Kong based virtual private network provider which has been identified in a recent study as being open to DNS hijacking. There are other providers that have also been identified as being vulnerable after a paper revealed that users of the VPNs are often put at risk. However, PureVPN has explained that the study which looked at the problem is actually out of date.


They explained that the study cited the wring number of servers that the company held as well as the number of countries that it operates in. They also explained that users are not vulnerable to a DNS hijack and there has not been any such attack. They also explained that the point about IPv6 leakages is very out of date as IPv6 traffic was disabled back in 2014. They went on to explain that despite them feeling that the report was not relevant to them, they had released an updated Windows client with a Mac one following soon. They have said that the update has included additional IPv6 leak protection features.

The company has also done its best to reassure its users that its systems are safe by writing a blog post explaining why the report was incorrect. They take each point raised in the report and explain why that does not apply or is now irrelevant.

The fact that the report is outdated is important for any users of any of the fast VPN providers which were highlighted in it. It is worth checking to make sure that the claims actually have some truth behind them as it is with any claims about VPN services. However, like with anything, there will always be those that are trying to find faults with a system. Nothing is completely invulnerable to attack and so it is also worth making sure that you are aware of any possible security problems.