Qubis: The Future of Home Entertainment

You are about to prepare yourself for the future of home entertainment known as Qubis. That’s not all you’ll be doing, you will find yourself dashing out your other home entertainment systems as Qubis is about to change how you enjoy entertainment in your private space.

Qubis home entertainment

Not just that, Qubis has the potential of turning your comfort zone into a smart home with the exceptional features it possesses. Don’t be fooled, there is currently no other home entertainment system that carries as must potential and features as Qubis does.

Qubis: Wireless, Smart, Stylish Modular Entertainment

Using Qubis

Charging Qubis

Controlling Qubis and making it do your bidding by bringing to your home the best of entertainment is through the Qubis app on your smart phone. Powering Qubis could either be the fast charging USB port or the inbuilt fast wireless charging that makes using Qubis stress free.

Superb Sound Quality

Qubis sound quality

When it comes to sound quality, there’s nothing you’ve heard that beats Qubis. Imagine having different music playing in different rooms at the same time harmoniously, that’s just a bit of what Qubis is built to handle. Interestingly, Qubis comes with mono speakers that can fit into your bags and allow you travel anywhere in the world with it. You can immediately set up anywhere and have the best of entertainment.

Long Lasting Battery

Qubis high power battery

With an impressive battery life of 8 hours, you are assured of the best of entertainment on the go. It does not end there. Qubis is also built to serve as a power bank to recharge your smartphone battery for an all-round entertainment.

Click here to know more about Qubis: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/qubis/qubis?ref=4mtw0r