Shadow Defender Easy File Locker: Simple Application for Safeguarding Your Private Files and Folders

Are you looking for good software that allows you to lock your private files and folders? Shadow Defender Easy File Locker is the perfect software that protects your content on Windows 7. By using this software, you can protect your files and folders by adding password protection. When you password protect your content, no one will be able to open, read or edit its content. No one will be able to make a copy of it or delete it from your system. If anyone tries to do anything to that file or folder, it won’t allow the file to get deleted from the system.


The Easy File Locker is available for Windows 32-bit users as well as Windows 64-bit users. It also works on Windows Vista and Windows XP. The installation file automatically installs the right version on your system. The size of the installation file is only 301.91 kb and you can download and use it for free. The good thing about the Easy File Locker is that it has a very simple user interface. On its interface, you can only see the menu bar and the tool bar and a big area where you can find all the password protected files and folders.

It is quite easy to safeguard your files and folders on Easy File Locker. All you need to do is browse to the location of the file or folder you wish to protect or enter a destination, and select the appropriate protection options by adding check mark or cross for options like Access, Write, Delete and Visibility. So, when you want the file to be invisible to someone, make sure there is a tick mark for that file under Visibility. To make it visible again, you can toggle off the protection. If anyone tries to delete the password protected file or folder, the system will prompt you to delete using administrator privileges.

As compared to other protection available in the market, the Easy File Locker does not use encryption algorithms for protection. Since it is a very light software, it will hardly consume any systemm resources and will never slow down your system. Even if you have a similar password protection software installed on your PC, installing this software will not lead to software clashes or slow performance. Shadow Defender Easy File Locker can be downloaded from all the leading software download sites.