How Snovio Can Help Your Email Marketing

When any kind of commercial message is sent via email for reasons such as promoting a product or service, offering special services to existing or new customers, sending thank-you emails, etc., it generally falls in terms of email marketing. Snovio is an outreach automation platform that offers a variety of tools required for efficient email marketing. These tools are drip campaigns, email finder and verifier, and email tracker. The following features have been a hit among email marketers.

Drip Campaigns tool

Snovio email drip campaigns

Email drip campaigns with smart triggered follow-ups help in building customized email sequences. You can choose appropriate triggers for each follow-up email and put email marketing on autopilot. A large number of leads can be reached out in a single click. It also helps in checking the statistics (which is an absolutely free feature) like who opened the emails, the number of times people clicked the embedded link, the number of replies received, etc.

The tool lets you select a specific group of people to send certain types of emails. For better response, variables can be used in the subject line and body of the message. Templates are another feature in the drip campaign tool. You can prepare and save email templates for future usage. For better delivery, you can send plain text emails. In short, you can create drip campaigns with smart triggered follow-ups, send personalized email campaigns, send emails to specific people, and send single plain text emails manually right from the extension.

Emails tracking

Emails can be tracked to find out when a prospect opens an email or clicks the embedded link. It is totally secure, slick, and truly free. It sends out notifications providing all the necessary data on sent emails. No visible signatures are attached to track the messages. It also allows switching between Gmail accounts if you have a few of them. You can turn off tracking whenever you want to in the Google Chrome extension. Whenever an email is read or opened, a push notification flashes on the desktop.

Email verification

Sometimes it happens so that once the email addresses are found, we forget to verify them as time goes. This results in a high email bounce rate since some of the email addresses turn out to be invalid. Snovio has the Email Verifier feature that uses a real-time check by collecting data from their own server in order to check whether the results are accurate. This is the fastest invalid email cleaner out there.

Email Finder

Snovio email finder Chrome extension

Email Finder has its own database to find companies by industry, company size, location, name, and more. You can even find out the email addresses with the help of names and search multiple lead sources for the perfect candidates and prospects. With Boolean search and filters, it browses by location, position, and skills.

Email Finder is also available as a Chrome extension. It helps in finding email addresses anywhere on the web. You can get leads from any website or social networks which then can be checked by Email Verifier. This helps in finding emails when browsing a website.

Snovio API

All the features are also available through their simple REST API. One has to just integrate to sync the processes of lead generation.


So, how much does Snovio cost? There are various pricing plans available (S, M, L, and XL), so everyone will find the one which will be appropriate for their needs. The lowest plan starts from $29 and goes up to $139 depending on the limits it offers. But the cheapest plan is totally free, so one can test the platform and find out if it suits their needs.

Last words

Snovio is a great automation tool for everyone who is in email marketing and has a burning desire to reach out to a target audience, improve sales, increase ROI, and wants to save time and money. This platform is recommended to every professional who wants to have an all-in-one tool at-hand.