Stealth Case: Block Audio Visual Spying With This Simple Phone Case

Stealth Case is the new case for smartphones, which helps prevent unauthorized access by third parties by blocking the camera and microphone. The incredible thing is that it happens without the user knowing. And since it uses no electronic components, it’s easy to use, reliable and unhackable.

stealth case phone case

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Why you should use the Stealth Case

We always are with our smartphones the entire day, including their two cameras and three microphones, which make them excellent surveillance devices. So, with a Stealth Case, you have the privacy back in your own hands. It covers your smartphone much the same way doors and windows do to your home. With the Steel Case’s design, smartphone owners can be able to protect private conversations and visuals from being seen by other people.

How does it work?

Stealth Case

Stealth case uses no electronics but physically blocks by completely covering the cameras and microphones of a smartphone which you can open and close manually. Even with the phone fully covered, you can still access various features on your phone such as texting, listening to music, and using your apps.

The case fully covers the cameras and blocks the three microphones. You can slide top or bottom to access the cameras and microphones whenever you want to. Otherwise, the phone will function normally without denying you access to the screen, device buttons, and speakers. So, why not get your Stealth Case today?

What are some of the critical features of the stealth case?

Stealth Case features

The stealth case has numerous features, such as:

  • No battery or chargers.
  • Lightweight.
  • Fully unhackable.
  • Phone protection.
  • Fast switch.
  • Fun colors.

The first version of the case will be compatible with iPhone X, and its design will cover the cameras and block all the phone’s microphones; of course without sacrificing its functionality. Besides, it doesn’t require any technical skills to use it. Therefore, it’s ideal for any level of users and comes at such an affordable price.

Why Stealth Cases are exceptional:

  • Saving time and money.
  • Eliminate tech companies collecting data.
  • Protect you from information thieves.
  • Reduce targeted ads.
  • Protecting private information such as medical and financial data.
  • Avoid sticky tape residues.

What makes it unique?

There are cases out there with the same features and performs the same functions. However, the problem is, they are bulky and depend on electronics, which means you have to keep the batteries charged. Worse still, they cost too much money.

On the other hand, Stealth Case is affordable to everyone, and it’s lightweight. Because it’s less bulky, it’s ideal for use on your smartphone and does not rely on any app for its functioning. You also don’t need to buy anything else to keep the stealth case working. With the Case, corporations will not spy on you for your private information, stops apps that make it possible for others to listen to you and know your moves. Moreover, it allows you to be in full control whenever your cameras and microphones are in use. So why not get your Stealth Case today?