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Secure Electronic Identification Device provides you secure access to everything at your fingertips!

Along with the convenience and comfort the Internet provides, there comes an increased likelihood of identity theft – the risk of criminals stealing and selling your personal information. Ask anyone who has fallen victim to identity theft and you will realize how monstrous the issue is. The stress and impact of identity theft can linger around for years, handicapping you financially and preventing you from living a normal life.

Most of the people keep their credit cards, ID cards, and other important documents in their wallets. Not many realize that criminals can steal the information from these documents without physically getting hold of the documents. All they need to do is use a simple technology to scan the documents kept in your pocket while passing you in a public place. Dealing with identity theft thus can be really challenging and this is where an innovative product like Biometric Wallet can come at your rescue.

How Does a Biometric Wallet Work?

Biometric Wallet

As you might have made out by now, biometric wallet is an electronic touchscreen device that uses a patented technology to keep your information safe and secure. You must enter your password and biometric identification (say for instance, your fingerprint) to get access into the device. Instead of carrying various credit cards and bank cards physically in your pocket, you can just keep one slim card in your wallet and access your bank accounts and credit cards through it.

While the biometric wallet is protected through an electronic serial number (ESN), the information kept in the biometric wallet is never stored on the cloud (as a precautionary measure). Just in case you happen to misplace your wallet, the GPS can help you track it down.

Menu Icons

There are six main icons on the home screen.

Biometric Wallet Touchscreen Menu

Secure ID: This section stores your driver’s license, passport, employment ID, and other important documents in a digital form with a secure biometric ID. Since the wallet is exclusively linked to you biometrically (usually, fingerprint), there is no question of others accessing and misusing your personal information.

Banking & Credit: This is the place to save your credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. This section too is locked and protected through your biometrics. It lets you shop with confidence. Since the transaction is selected beforehand by you, you need not worry about your card or financial data being compromised. Every transaction is processed only after a successful ‘handshake’ with the biometric cloud.

Health & 911: This multi-functional section can be a life-saver. You can use it to store your health data and ask your doctor to transfer your health records in order to keep a lifelong health history. In case of an emergency, medical authorities can access your health data to save your life.

Merchant Mall: You will find special promotions, offers, and discounts in this section. Scroll through it to see what deals your favorite shops have to offer.

Biometric Identification: Use this icon to access your wallet using your fingerprint or some other biometric signature.

Bio Pay: This section allows you to approve your financial transactions using your biometric signature. Just pass on the authorization code to the receiver in order to complete a purchase or money transfer. The code is valid only for the exact amount that you approved.

The biometric wallet is thus safe and secure. It conveniently fits your purse and pocket. It’s currently available in 10 different colors including black, gold, pearl, green, plum, pumpkin, red, sky blue, tangerine, and yellow.

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