Xiaomi Wemax A300 4k Laser Projector

We have seen TV Monitors slowly being replaced by thin LCDs and later by LEDs. With time, technology changes too. Change is imminent. After LEDs we have seen new types of OLED panels from different companies. The size keeps getting bigger with each revision of a product. The resolution also keeps growing. Back in the old days, the max resolution that a video would play on YouTube was 480p. Later came HD resolution at 720p and then FHD at 1080p.

The content creators had just caught on the 1080p mark and 4k resolution was announced. Even though 5k and even 8k displays exist but there is little to no content that can be played on those displays because 8k is relatively new. 4k is the modern resolution that everyone wants, whether it be a gamer or just someone who wants to enjoy movies.

After LEDs now projectors are gaining attention. Projectors can projects content to a white surface with enough luminosity to be enjoyable. Some projectors have a native resolution of 720p, some of 1080p and some go up to 4k. If you are someone who is looking for a 4k projector with high contrast ratio and luminosity then we have just the one for you.

With so many projectors on the market right now, it’s hard to pick one. We have got you covered as we have gone through many projectors to pick the perfect one just for you! Here we are reviewing the latest from Xiaomi, the Wemax A300 4k laser projector.

Like all Xiaomi products, this also stands out in its price and functions.

Xiaomi Wemax A300 Build Quality

The Wemax is built very compactly and with high quality materials, which gives it a weight of about 7kg. More weight means high quality materials were used. It’s got a physical power button on the front grill. The rest of the body is a glossy black color that gives it a premium look.

The sides house grills that input and out air to ensure proper cooling. The I/O on it is pretty standard with 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0, audio out, audio video out, optical out and a gigabit LAN port. The gigabit LAN port can be used to stream HD content right from your server. Finally the bottom has AC input port.

Xiaomi Wemax A300 Software

Let’s talk about the software. The Wemax runs android with MITV user experience. The user interface is relatively easy to navigate around. The interface is easy to understand and use with simple settings. The overall MITV user experience is fast and snappy too. The native software comes in Chinese language but can be switched to English from the settings. Some basic Chinese apps come preinstalled with it but not much bloatware is found.

The Wemax can be connected to multiple devices such as your PC, laptop, android phones/tablets, IOS phones, etc. It establishes a wireless connection with Bluetooth 4.1 and with WIFI 802.11.

Xiaomi Wemax A300 Advanced Features and Technical Specs

Let’s move on to its more advanced and technical features. The Xiaomi Wemax A300 has an excellent contrast ratio of 4000:1. The brightness goes all the way up to 9000 ANSI lumens which is quite bright. It houses 64 GB flash memory to store temporary data.

With 100% RGB color, you can’t go wrong with this projector. It’s also got 8 point keystone which help to adjust the display if the screen is bent or curve somehow. You can easily adjust with 8 point keystones to get a flat image.

The native resolution is at 3840×2160 pixels with projection ratio at 0.233:1. The output resolution can also be tweaked depending on the type of content you are watching. From 720p, 1080p all the way up to 4k 60 fps. Even if you are watching non 4k content, it is recommended to use 4k 60 fps to get the best result. If you are enjoying normal YouTube videos or watching a movie or documentary, we all know we want it in the best possible result which is 4k.

On the front are two infrared sensors which are for safety purposes. If a human passes by in front of the projector, the sensors will automatically detect movement and decrease the brightness of the projector. This is useful if you have unmonitored children roaming around. The brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and colors can also be adjusted from the menu. The image result is truly eye catching. You can truly enjoy your content to the absolute fullest. The output image has little to no glare at all and absolute zero distortion, resulting in a great user experience.

The built-in sound system is Dolby-Audio and is DTS-HD compatible too. It’s packed with 4 Hi-Fi speakers right under the front grill. The audio menu contains some factory preset profiles but audio can also be adjusted using the equalizer. It houses one of the best speakers from all other projectors currently in the market.

With its built-in media player, it supports almost all the latest movie or audio formats, but it’s preferable to install a third party video player such as VLC player. The noise while the projector is operating is not so much as compared to other projectors on the market. From about 50cm, the sound measures at 45dB and goes as low as 36dB when watching a movie. When using the projector’s own speakers, the noise is not noticeable at all.

The Final Verdict on Wemax Projector

The Xiaomi Wemax A300 4k Laser Projector is an all-in-one package with a price tag that won’t break your bank. With a crystal clear image quality with little to no distortion or glare of any kind, paired with amazing sounding speakers, this package is really one of a kind.

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