Compare Tables in Different Databases with Database Compare Suite

When you work with data, you need good database so your data will be organized and safe. Organized data will make the job easier, for capturing the data, retrieve it, and use it. With safety in your database, you do not have to worry if unauthorized person will steal or damage confidential data from your company. However, sometimes you need more than one database for different purposes but you also need to make comparison between those databases. Comparing two or more databases is not simple and you will need Database Compare Suite to make the job easier.

The program is especially designed to enable you to compare data between two tables in two different databases, even if the names and columns are not the same. Not only data, the program can also compare two schemas or DBMS platforms. The application comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, so you can easily use this tool without years of learning. Comparing Oracle and SQL Server had never been so easy. For your Sybase database, you do not have to worry if you need to make comparison.


On the comparison result, you can easily see if there are mismatches, missing data, etc. and do the best to make everything right.

Sometimes, you need to move data from one database to another. Again, it is not a simple work, especially if the migration involving huge data. Fortunately, the program for database comparison provides you database migration features that make your job easier and faster. Using special database compare program to manage your data, you can save time and energy to deal with your data and databases. If you run a business, it will help you to save money because you do not have to hire more people to deal with data. The program is solution of effective and efficient data comparison.